Porsche prepares for raid over market manipulation claims
VW faces lawsuit in Italy as Bosch is investigated over further diesel claims
Europe builds Uber challenger as Car2Go, DriveNow, MyTaxi set to merge
Volvo enters new phase as it strives to become premium alternative to German giants
New Ford management to watch over European market
Management reshuffle at Ford with appointment of new CEO
Vehicle manufacturers keen to adopt EV models for market expanse
Volkswagen and Audi plan big dealership network changes
Toyota CEO pushing to avoid its EVs becoming ‘rolling appliances’
One in five cars to be sold online in a decade, costing 27,000 UK jobs
CEO hints that Volvo will be the first leading carmaker to abandon diesel
PSA Group CEO defends Opel deal while projecting brand losses
Helsinki becomes DriveNow’s twelfth location in Europe
VW chief executive investigated as group refuses to publish dieselgate report
Aftermarket calls for open data sharing to prevent monopolisation of industry
Toyoda’s impending ‘sense of crisis’, fears age-old ‘Toyota Way’ unsuitable for upcoming auto revolution
OEMs look to data monetisation as loopholes close
BMW and MINI introduce free tyre Insurance for 36 months
MG’s plans for the future as XS launched in Britain
Citroën new EV options to launch in 2020 as PSA announce nuTonomy autonomous tests