Automotive Trends & Opportunities Report –
New for 2022

Find out what the growth opportunities are for the new and used car markets across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Vital data-driven forecasts and insights from our experts for all automotive decision-makers.




What you get in the Automotive Trends Report 2022:

  • Electrification and the ramifications for new- and used-car markets across Europe
  • Deep dive into segment trends for battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, diesel and petrol passenger vehicles
  • Residual-value forecast 2022-2023 for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK
  • Focus on A, B, B-SUV, C, C-SUV, D, D-SUV and E-segments
  • Interactive dashboard to visualise previous and most recent RV forecasts by segment, country and powertrain

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automotive trends

Who is the Automotive Trends Report 2022 for?

The trends report will be of interest to a wide range of companies and organisations who are involved in making or advising on automotive decisions and managing a business’s risks, this includes those who work in dealerships, OEMs, national sales companies, importers, finance companies, fleet leasing companies, asset risk management, investment banks, hedge funds and consultancies. To find out how the Automotive Trends Report can help you and your business request a callback now.

OEMS, National Sales Companies, Importers
  • Make informed decisions about which powertrains (diesel, petrol, BEV or PHEV) will develop more or less favourably in each market
  • Fully understand the transition to electrification and ensure your portfolio setup, vehicle specifications and communication to markets and fleet customers is accurate
automotive trends report
Figure 1.4: Used-vehicle price index France by powertrain type between Jan 2020 and Nov 2021
Source: Autovista Group analysis

Finance, fleet, leasing, asset risk owners
  • Manage portfolio risks by overlaying 2022/2023 segment-specific residual value forecasts and trends for diesel, petrol, PHEV and BEV across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK
  • Understand what data-driven decisions you can now take to optimise your position in the new- and used-car markets
trends report
Figure 1.5: Used-passenger car transactions EU + UK 2019-2030 in million units for young used cars (simulation)
Source: Autovista Group analysis

Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Consultancies
  • Know which automotive trends will prevail and which may reverse, following the rally on used-car markets
  • Understand in detail the challenges facing dealers, OEMs, finance and leasing companies

How to use the Automotive Trends Report 2022:

  • It’s digital, we give you online access
  • Use the report to analyse data, graphs, and tables for use in your own systems and simulations

Price €1,995 plus VAT where applicable.

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Key questions answered in the Automotive Trends Report 2022:

How quickly will used-car markets normalise and to what levels? 

What have the impacts of COVID-19 been on used-car markets?

Will raw materials shortages ease or worsen as we move into 2022 and 2023? 

What is the forecast for new-car registrations into 2023?

How quickly will the new-car market share rise for BEVs and PHEVs in Europe?

What is Autovista24’s forecast for EV share in 2030?

What factors will affect the rate of EV adoption across the developed world?

Will there be a golden age of the internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicle on used-car markets and how (positively) will ICE residual values develop over the coming years? 

How ready is Europe for the electrification trend?

What is the forecast for the demand for diesel engine cars?

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