Petrol overtakes diesel as dominant force in Europe for first time since 2009
VW profits from scrappage scheme as manufacturer talks of electric future
Death of diesel and SUV uptake could see large CO2 penalties for manufacturers
Protestors attempt to force back ship carrying VW diesel vehicles to UK
Diesel vehicles emit more CO2 than petrol over their entire lifecycle
French Government to introduce incentives for new low emission vehicles
ACEA reveals proposed CO2 reduction target for manufacturers to meet by 2030
PSA denies any wrongdoing as report suggests it fitted emission cheat software to vehicles
Petrol just as clean as diesel since 2008 as Merkel tells industry to sort out its problems
Diesel will not die out, believes man whose equipment caught out VW
Germany to double clean air fund as tests highlight real world emission discrepancy
WLTP comes into force for new vehicle models in Europe
Asian carmakers bring scrappage schemes to the UK
New technologies could save petrol and diesel power
The UK’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has announced details of its £23 million Hydrogen Transport Programme
Ford offers both diesel and petrol scrappage scheme in the UK
Renewable energy boost allows for reduction in EV pollution
German investigations expand to Ford over diesel emissions
Opel, Fiat and Nissan become the latest brands to introduce trade-in bonuses in Germany
Lexus announces German diesel trade-in bonus, VW set to extend its scheme to UK