BMW older diesel replacement-incentive scheme extended to UK
More manufacturers offer diesel rebate in Germany yet EVs not included
Mazda introduces new petrol technology as Toyota aims to double hybrid models
VW confirms an incentive of up to €10,000 for EU-6 diesels when scrapping an older diesel car
Continental believes carmakers will end development of combustion engines in six years
German carmakers offer trade-in rebates for diesels that cannot receive software updates
German Diesel summit: 5 million vehicles will receive software updates
Switzerland’s Greens call for a ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2025
London introduces scrappage scheme for diesel taxis as order book opens for electric model
Germany wrestles with diesel and electric vehicle incentives
Porsche drawn into Dieselgate with recall as Volkswagen issues voluntary emissions fix
Warnings issued over effect UK petrol and diesel ban will have on industry and power suppliers
Stuttgart administrative court rules that air pollution should also be reduced with diesel driving bans
ACEA calls on governments to address the negative tax impact of the new WLTP car emissions test
VW denies cartel allegations as it blocks prosecutors using emissions information
Daimler CEO says ‘Diesel is worth fighting for’ as it announces record unit sales and revenue
UK Government announces ban on petrol and diesel vehicle sales by 2040
German manufacturers fight back as they commit to improving diesel reputation
German manufacturers in potential cartel investigation as Audi issues emissions recall
Three million Daimler vehicles to be recalled as company fights emissions claims