AutovistaAPIs overview

Please ensure you change your configurations to keep receiving our APIs by 4 December 2023.

Important information about our APIs – your action required

On 4 December 2023, we’ll be changing the URLs for our APIs to HTTPS (on TLS 1.2 & 1.3 only). 

To continue using our APIs, you’ll need to change your configuration from: to by 4 December 2023. 

To implement this change, your application will need to communicate over Transport Layer Security, or SSL. In most cases this will be completely transparent and straight forward to do. However, it does depend on how your application has been coded. 

Check out our helpful Fact Sheet

Read for more information on the supported versions of recommended WSDL and Endpoint.


We’re also migrating our APIs to a high-performance cloud environment, significantly improving your experience.  

So if you have “IP whitelisting” restrictions within your firewall for incoming traffic currently set to “” this restriction should be removed prior to 4 December. This is because we utilise modern, secure, high-performance cloud services for our APIs, which utilise dynamic IP addressing. 

We recommend you implement these changes in your test environment first, to ensure your applications can still access the SOAP methods hosted on our APIs.  If you have any technical questions regarding the switch over from HTTP to HTTPS please contact .