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Monitoring residual values is critical to success in both new and used-car markets

Staying on top of residual value developments is critical to your financial stability – no matter where you are in the automotive chain.

OEMs use them to control price positioning and avoid B2B discounts. Leasing companies rely on them to determine around 85% of leasing rates. Remarketers use them to help decide when and where to sell.

But one thing remains the same. Boosting residual values enables you to sell more cars, more profitably.

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38 brands. 17 markets. 4 years history.

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How manufacturers use Residual Value Monitor

Residual values affect your financial performance – even on the new-car market. Manufacturers use Residual Value Monitor to:

  • Maximise a model’s desirability on the commercial and leasing markets with data-driven RV positioning
  • Minimise the need to discount models to leasing companies by crafting vehicles with high RV forecasts
  • Craft high-performing vehicles faster by identifying RV cause and effect at the earliest opportunity

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How fleet, leasing and finance organisations use Residual Value Monitor

A higher RV means lower risks and ownership costs – so you can offer more competitive lease prices without eating into profits. Use your full RVM toolkit to:

Higher residual values equate to lower ownership costs and reduced asset risk – allowing you to offer competitive lease rates without fear of under-pricing. Use Residual Value Monitor to:

  • Demand a fair rate with confidence knowing you have the data you need to negotiate with manufacturers
  • Boost your business appeal by offering the best rates to your customers without eating into profits
  • Remarket your vehicles for their highest price by identifying the most profitable European markets for each model

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5 simple steps to deep dive into residual value data

To get started, open Residual Value Monitor and:

  1. Select the models you want to analyse 
  2. View those models ranked by performance
  3. Benchmark your model of fleet’s performance against your competitors
  4. Uncover key variations over the time period you’re interested in
  5. Identify the cause of RV uplifts based on facelift, launch effects and many other factors

Because once you uncover those critical trends, you have the power to adapt and improve your strategy. To learn more from our experts, fill out the contact form below.

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Get ahead of your rivals with smarter residual value monitoring

Make better decisions about your stock across your entire fleet with our Residual Value Monitor service.

View trade and retail values, analyse different age and mileage combinations, dive into four years of historic data, and access coverage of 17 European markets.

Use our class-leading data and insight, and uncover critical residual value trends

Use our expert insights to find out how and why residual values are changing:

  • Select the models you want to analyse
  • Rank models based on performance and specification data
  • Uncover key variations over set time periods
  • Benchmark your models against those of your competitors
  • View KPIs on a single dashboard for at-a-glance analysis

Unlock the full potential of European markets

Use our Residual Value Intelligence to access the key value trends driving different European markets.

Our service offers vital insights into five key markets of UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain across 14 segments, five fuel types and 38 brands, to ensure you have all the information you need to make better, quicker and smarter business decisions.