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Launched in 2021, Autovista24 provides intelligence in multimedia formats on matters of strategic importance and significant commercial risk for the automotive industry.

Autovista24 produces distinctive, actionable content from proprietorial data, market-moving events and transformational trends in order to help OEMs, fleet managers, dealers, leasing and insurance, finance companies and others connected to automotive industry, to effectively manage growth opportunities and risks throughout the vehicle lifecycle.


Our mission is to stand out through the application of proprietary data, journalism, research and analysis.


Autovista24 is part of the Autovista Group, the European automotive pricing experts. The Group has come a long way from 1933 when William Glass published the first ‘Glass’s Guide to Car Values’ which quickly became the most trusted source for used-car values for UK motor trade. Today Autovista Group combines human intelligence with data and technology to give clients an independent, 360⁰ view of the market, helping them to understand how to price, when and where to sell, and how to manage risk. Autovista24, Autovista, Eurotax, Glass’s, Rødboka and Schwacke are the Group’s highly-respected, market-leading brands.  

The Autovista24 team

We would love to hear from you. To get in touch with Autovista24, contact any of our team. You can find more about the Autovista24 team on this page.

A photo of Thomas Geggus


Tom Geggus

E: thomas.geggus@autovistagroup.com

A photo of Phil Curry

Special Content Editor

Phil Curry

E: phil.curry@autovistagroup.com

Web Editor

James Roberts

E: james.roberts@autovistagroup.com

Digital Journalist

Rebeka Shaid

E: rebeka.shaid@autovistagroup.com

Digital Journalist

Tom Hooker

E: tom.hooker@autovistagroup.com

A photo of Christof Engelskirchen

Chief Economist

Christof Engelskirchen

E: christof.engelskirchen@autovistagroup.com

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Autovista24 is a gateway to Autovista Group’s product offering including Residual Value Intelligence, Car Cost Expert and Car to Market. You can also access our local market websites and information via our platform.

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