Our Editorial Team

Meet the members of the Autovista24 editorial team below. We would really like to hear from you with feedback about our content or ideas for content coverage. You can contact team members via their email.

A photo of Phil Curry


Phil Curry

As Editor, Phil uses his vast experience and knowledge to ensure the highest quality and range of content on Autovista24, showcasing the analysis and industry expertise that help our automotive customers drive their businesses forward. Phil has a passion for the industry which he combines with his unswerving commitment to industry interviews, market analysis, exploring new and megatrends, highly accurate automotive data, and creating multimedia content. These are all on our interactive new platform and mean that Autovista24 is a must-visit, must-read site for anyone interested in the automotive industry.

A photo of Thomas Geggus

Deputy Editor

Tom Geggus

Tom covers the latest and greatest automotive news stories and megatrends from electrification and charging infrastructure to autonomy, mobility, connected cars and beyond. With content that comes in the form of interviews, podcasts and videos, Tom combines in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise with his passion for new advances in automotive digitalisation and technology – all in an easy to understand, straightforward way.

Web Editor

James Roberts

James takes care of our website and our social media platforms. He uploads, publishes and promotes a wide variety of content and examines our content analytics. He is a digital journalist with a background in network radio and television, and contributes automotive content for Autovista24. James also has a long-standing personal and professional interest in automotive concerns and the world of motorsports.

Rebeka Shaid

Digital Journalist

Rebeka Shaid

Rebeka is a digital journalist based in Germany and focuses on the latest European automotive industry developments and market trends. She writes news and features while also conducting interviews with key players in the mobility sector. With an international background in business journalism, she is a regular contributor to the Autovista24 podcast and has a particular interest in sustainability issues.

A photo of Neil King

Senior Data Journalist

Neil King

Neil focuses on Autovista24’s pan-European, data-driven content, which features new and used-car stats and forecasts, residual values, interactive new-model launch reports, and reviews of total cost of ownership (TCO). These are produced with Autovista Group’s pan-European experts leveraging our own proprietary data and and by sourcing external data. This content offers a unique, insightful perspective on the industry that promotes our multi-market, cross-border understanding and positioning in the sector. Neil is passionate about cars and the wider industry – and a self-confessed lifelong petrol-head. He is also a linguist and fluent in German.

A photo of Christof Engelskirchen

Chief Economist

Christof Engelskirchen

In addition to being Autovista Group’s Chief Economist, Christof brings impressive market knowledge and industry thought leadership to his role overseeing our publishing activities, spearheaded by our Autovista24 content-publishing platform. Christof’s experience includes leading high-performing commercial teams, working with automotive industry leaders on projects that transform businesses, and representing Autovista Group – often as a keynote speaker – at industry conferences and events.