Car Cost Expert enhancement

We’re giving Car Cost Expert an upgrade for an improved User Experience and seamless workflow.

Keep scrolling to see what’s coming.

Major changes to Car Cost Expert

We’re planning a major update to Car Cost Expert to make your user experience more seamless.

We’ve listened to the feedback and we’re giving users what they’re seeking. With the enhanced Car Cost Expert you’ll have access to the following:

1. How-to video guides and integrated support feature

Not sure how to make the most of Car Cost Expert? No worries. We’ve got new tutorial videos covering a range of topics to get you up and running as well as contact details if you need further support.

All available at the click of a button within the application, so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere.

Car Cost Expert Support Feature
Click on the (?) button from any screen to access the support page.

2. Custom filters automatically saved

Every time you use the custom filters, the application will save your selection. They’ll be available to you whenever you log in, so you don’t have to keep starting over from scratch.

Car Cost Expert Custom Filter Save Feature
Custom filters are saved automatically and will be there the next time you log in.

3. New undo buttons in case of mistakes

We’ve introduced a new “undo” function that allows you to go back a step should you wish to make a change to your selection. You can also undo all changes and start over for greater convenience.

Car Cost Expert Undo Button Feature
The left undo button reverts steps one by one. The right undo button removes all changes at once.

4. CSV export for big baskets

In addition to “PDF” and “Excel” we’ve now added a “CSV” option, so you can easily download the data you need into your systems for easy integration..

Car Cost Expert CSV Export feature
Find the new CSV option in the Export menu.

5. New parameters for insurance and equipment

For even greater detail and accuracy in your total cost of ownership calculations, you can now add insurance and optional equipment costs as a parameter to each user profile..

Car Cost Expert New Parameter Feature
The parameters set here will be used in your TCO calculations.

Help & Support

We’re hoping you’ll get more out of Car Cost Expert with these changes. If you’ve got any questions or want to know more, please reach out to: