Registrations and Outlooks

Mixed new-LCV market results in UK as Euro 6 dominated used-van transactions
Volkswagen struggled as Europe’s EV market improved in October
Promising new-car performances from France, Spain and Italy in November
German new-car market returned to downward trend in November
UK new-car market driven by fleets in November
Volvo overtook Tesla in the Netherlands EV market in October
BEVs made up a quarter of the Chinese new-car market in September
EU new-car market kept growing in October
Two in three new light-vehicle sales will be an EV in 2035
Did Tesla cement its French EV market position in September?
September’s BEV struggles revealed the models preferred by German businesses
UK LCV registrations driven by Ford in October as two-tier used market emerges
Tesla Model Y held significant lead in Europe’s EV market in September
Electric vehicles make up 17% of global new-car market in September
Electric-car growth in October unlikely to turn the tide for Germany
BEV struggles continue as UK beats pre-pandemic registrations in October
Strong overall growth in key Europe markets as BEV incentive questions linger
BEVs take hold in the Netherlands during September
New plug-in LCV registrations erode diesel dominance in EU
Swiss new-car market stays positive as used transactions see marginal growth