Autovista Group Survey: What change would make electric vehicles more appealing to a mass market?

03 April 2018

03 April 2018

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Diesel sales are waning, and vehicle manufacturers are looking towards electric vehicle technology to ensure they meet strict European CO2 targets. Development of these vehicles has meant diverting funds from other areas, including cutting down parts spending and diluting research into traditional engines.

However, uptake of full-electric vehicles has been slow. While it is recognised as the fastest growing market in the UK, the monthly sales increases are on smaller margins. The entire pure-EV market for 2017 totalled 13,597 sales, just 0.5% of all new cars sold in Britain during the 12 months.

With this in mind, Autovista Group is asking what change manufacturers need to bring to the EV market to increase public uptake. While some manufacturers offer increased range and super-charging, many current models don’t have these abilities. We want to know what would help to build an electric vehicle mass market.