Autovista leads the way to WLTP

18 September 2018

18 September, 2018

Autovista Group has unveiled a new WLTP service aimed at educating the industry, from OEMs to consumers, about the pitfalls of WLTP.

The service comes in response to the fact that, since 1 September, WLTP has increased the complexity for the industry by requiring vehicle-specific emissions data, including the impact of optional equipment selected by the buyer. 

′The impact this is having on vehicle configurations, quotations and ordering processes – and the implications for RVs and TCO is causing many a sleepless night for automotive executives,’ says Samuel Keates, Director of Specifications at Autovista Group.

′By working closely with OEMs and leasing companies, we have developed and created a service and solutions for minimising costs and risks through the transition going up to and beyond 2020.’

First launched in Germany, the service allows customers to query the CO2 emissions – and therefore tax impact – of individual variants, including optional extras, along with important fuel consumption and electric vehicle range data. 

′We are very excited to announce that Autovista Group has combined its unrivalled specification and valuation datasets with the latest information from OEMs, to create a unique new service: our WLTP Web Service – a simple, user friendly interface for retrieving WLTP Consumption and CO2 data for individual vehicle configurations,’ explains Fotini Liontou, Chief Product Officer at Autovista Group.

Causing concern is the apparent ignorance to the vast changes WLTP will bring. In Manheim’s latest dealer sentiment survey showed that 14% of dealers in Britain admitted to not knowing what WLTP is.

′When this new revelation is added to our previous dealer sentiment survey finding that a third of dealers were not aware of when WLTP comes into force, it demonstrates in quite stark terms the amount of confusion and ambiguity that still exists around WLTP,’ said Manheim’s Philip Nothard.

As well as offering its first-in-class WLTP service, Autovista Group also provides a wealth of expert commentary and analysis detailing the impact on sectors within the industry.