City of London enacting emission-based parking tariffs

20 August 2018

20 August 2018

The City of London Corporation is tackling air pollution in the Square Mile by introducing parking tariffs based upon vehicles’ emissions.

The new charges will use cashless parking company RingGo’s Emissions Based Parking product to enforce higher charges onto less eco-friendly vehicles.

Inversely, low-emission vehicles will pay less, Londoners can expect to see more electric and hybrid vehicles parked in the Square Mile.


Type of vehicle

Cost per 15 mins

Cost per hour

Low emission (e.g. electric, hybrid)



Petrol vehicles registered from 2005 onwards



Diesel vehicles registered from 2015 onwards







The emissions of each parked vehicle will be automatically detected by RingGo’s system. The system also aims to be a cashless solution, motorists paying tariffs with cash will pay even higher rates.

Chris Hayward, Planning and Transportation Committee Chairman at the City of London Corporation, said: ′The Square Mile is one of London’s busiest areas. Therefore, it is only right that the City of London Corporation continues to prioritise providing a safe and healthy environment for its workers, visitors and residents.’

Other London boroughs have increased parking charges for diesel vehicles. Islington, Westminster, Marylebone parts of Fitzrovia and the Hyde Park area have all tested schemes placing extra hourly rates upon diesel motors.

The new tariffs contribute to the capital’s overall congestion charges as part of its plan to become zero-carbon by 2050. The city is also expected to be legally compliant with nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits by 2025, the same date as set out in the UK government’s Air Quality Plan.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, often an outspoken critic of diesel, said he wanted to ′clean up our filthy air with bold new air quality measures, tackle waste and promote cleaner energy so we can make London a healthier city that adapts to the impacts of climate change.’

The introduction of environmentally friendly tariffs for on-street parking charges is one of the many measures being introduced by the City Corporation to improve air quality in the Square Mile.

City residents in the Barbican who use an electric vehicle now have access to 30 permanent charging points across the iconic Grade II-listed estate.

The Lower Emission Neighbourhood project works with businesses through its CityAir Programme while leading a London-wide crackdown on drivers who leave their engines idling. The City Corporation’s CityAir app provides over 27,000 Londoners with low pollution travel routes across the capital, with advice and alerts when air pollution is high.