Daimler to fight emissions accusations as it agrees use of EQ brand

17 July 2017

17 July 2017

German vehicle manufacturer Daimler has announced it will defend any accusation that it has cheated emissions tests as a German Government probe into the company moves forward.

In July 2017, the German publication Der Spiegel, published details of a search warrant issued by prosecutors for a raid on Daimler’s headquarters. It suggested that one million vehicles had been found to have excessive emissions levels, with the belief that they could be fitted with ′defeat devices’ similar to those found in Volkswagen (VW) vehicles.

Following the publication, a statement issued by the manufacturer stated: ′We would employ all legal means to defend against any accusation by the Federal Transport Motor Authority of an illegal defeat device in Mercedes-Benz cars.’

This statement comes after top executives were summoned for a special meeting with transport executives in Berlin to discuss an ongoing probe into the carmaker’s engines, which in turn comes after the German Government said it would expand its examination to include additional vehicle models.

Germany’s motor transport authority (KBA), which is also looking into potential emissions violations at other carmakers, will oversee these additional tests, according to Transport Ministry spokesman Ingo Strater. Germany has found no signs so far that Mercedes-Benz used illegal software to manipulate diesel emissions and the manufacturer has been cooperative with authorities, while also reiterating its vehicles conformed to emission regulations.

German prosecutors are focused on two diesel engines built from 2008 to 2016 that are used across Mercedes’ product line up, Details about the engines in question were contained in a search warrant used to conduct raids at Daimler sites in May.

While one legal situation is pending, Daimler has resolved another, the use of the EQ brand for its electric vehicle range. Chinese OEM Chery contested the rights to the EQ name in March 2017. Chery filed a complaint with the trademark regulator in China as it has used eQ for its own EV for two years.

However, a statement by Daimler reveals that the two companies have now resolved the dispute. Chery will focus on using the designations eQ and eQ1, as well as further numerical continuations, while Daimler will focus on use in their electric Mercedes-Benz products with the designations EQC and other alphabetical supplements. Daimler will use the EQ Power designation for Plug-In Hybrids and Chery will use eQ TEC to nominate their car electrification system.

Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Greater China, states: ′Chery achieved great reputation in China with their eQ brand name and we highly respect that. I am happy that Daimler and Chery agreed on a collective use of the eQ/EQ acronyms in an open and partner-like atmosphere. With this mutual understanding, Chery and Daimler commit to fostering the electric future in the automotive industry – in China and all over the world.’

Photograph courtesy of Daimler