Entry-level e-tron and electric scooter form latest Audi developments

07 August 2019

7 August 2019

Audi has announced a new entry-level version of its e-tron as it looks to make electric vehicle (EV) technology more affordable for customers.

The new version, the e-tron 50 quattro, still features two electric motors, but has a smaller battery. It produces 230kW output and will be available in the fourth quarter in Europe. The carmaker suggests the model has a range of more than 300km and will be priced to qualify for the German environmental bonus.

While the current model has a 95kW battery, the entry-level version will only have a 71kW capacity, reducing the overall range by 100km under WLTP figures.

According to Audi, the powertrain has been reapplied to increase efficiency. There have also been several changes to the e-tron’s high-voltage system. The lower total weight, which also reduces driving resistance, contributes to improved efficiency, as does the powerful thermal management system with its standard heat pump. The lower total weight is also due to the battery. The 95kW version weighs 700kg but the new one is expected to be lighter due to the fewer number of cells required.

Scooter time

Meanwhile, the German carmaker has also presented a four-wheel electric scooter concept that combines the characteristics of electric pedal scooters and skateboards into an Audi-branded product.

Electric scooters are fast becoming a new ′must-have’ gadget and Audi is looking to follow the trend and ensure it takes a place in the market. With the four-wheel concept, the e-tron scooter is meant to stand out from the two-wheeled competition primarily due to its handling.

Despite the handlebar, the scooter is steered with the feet like a skateboard by shifting the rider’s weight. ′Of course, the e-tron Scooter also drives straight ahead,’ says Thorsten Schrader, project manager for micro-mobility at Audi. ′But the flow feeling only adjusts to asphalt when carving – and with our new concept it’s surprisingly simple.

Audi has not yet given any information on the size of the battery but the range is said to be 20km. To cover this distance, however, the scooter is not only dependent on the power from the battery, but can recover electricity from braking like an electric car. Acceleration and recuperation are controlled via a rotary handle. In addition, a hydraulic foot brake is installed.