EU member states agree on draft bill of new type approval rules despite German opposition

15 May 2017

15 May 2017 On 4 April, the European Parliament endorsed a draft bill which proposes tougher regulations for the type approval of new cars which are to be sold in the European Union. Reuters reports that EU member states agreed to the draft rules on Friday. The proposals aim to prevent a repetition of the circumstances which allowed carmakers such as Volkswagen (VW) to use software which manipulated emissions tests but have encountered opposition in Germany. ′They are not very hot on the proposal to give new powers to the Commission,’ an EU diplomat told Reuters. A critical proposal in the draft bill is that the European Commission would gain more oversight and could fine carmakers up to €30,000 per vehicle that cheats the system. OEMs would no longer pay testing agencies directly as EU member states would fund the emissions test centres themselves, although they may seek to recoup costs by introducing fees for OEMs. The draft rules will be discussed by EU economy ministers on May 29 before negotiations on the final legislation commence with the European Parliament and the Commission. ′The Council is right not to let Germany stand in the way of compromise, as the country has so far failed to penalise VW and yet continues to oppose any EU controls,’ a spokeswoman for campaign group Transport and Environment said.