Fleet associations come together for European representation

26 March 2018

26 March 2018 With European focus on automotive issues divided between a number of high profile issues, the need for unified representation is more crucial than ever if groups want to have their say on various topics. For this reason, three fleet-owner associations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have come together to found the European Fleet and Mobility Association (EUFMA) and is inviting national associations from other countries on the continent to join and be represented at a higher level. The joint initiative of the Fuhrparkverband Austria (FVA), the Federal Association of Fleet Management (BVF) from Germany and the Swiss Fleet Owners’ Association (SFFV) aims to represent the interests of fleet and mobility managers at European level. As fleet and mobility management is becoming an increasingly international topic, it made sense for the fleet associations to look beyond their borders as well. ′Many decisions that have a significant impact on operational work and legal framework conditions today are decided or prepared at European level,’ says Marc-Oliver Prinzing, CEO of BVF. The logical consequence is to network internationally. ‘Representing interests at European level is, therefore, more than sensible,’ emphasises Henning Heise, chairman of the FVA. ′Above all, it is important for us to make the positions of the member companies of all affiliated associations even stronger and more focused’, adds Ralf Käser, member of the board of the SFFV. The group states that although there are local differences, like different taxation and legislation schemes, objectives like total cost of ownership (TCO) control, cost-efficiency or attention to driver behaviour are cross-border topics. Also, many members represent companies with a certain international scope with subsidiaries, fleets and drivers in various countries. Hence there is value in sharing best practices and putting fleet-owners in contact with each other. With Brexit and diesel issues forefront of many national governments and the European Commission, ensuring that issues within the fleet management sector are heard means a louder voice is required. There are already a number of cross-border organisations representing the interests of dealer networks, vehicle garages and aftermarket and the automotive supply chain. BVF, established in 2010, has a total of 400 members and a fleet total of 220,000 vehicles. SFFV has been operating since 1975 and counts 300 members with a fleet of 100,000 vehicles. FVA is one of the newest fleet management associations, founded in mid-2017. The group totals 15,000 vehicles, amassed in this short time.