How is Aviloo advancing its EV battery analysis?

05 June 2024

Battery testing is at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) remarketing. In a podcast interview, Autovista24 editor Tom Geggus asks Dr Marcus Berger, Aviloo’s CEO, CFO and managing director, how his company is advancing its analysis.

As more battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) move into the used-car market, establishing and certifying battery health will ensure greater confidence, transparency and value. Having recently confirmed new collaborations and technological developments, one company working to advance its EV battery analysis is Aviloo.

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Show notes

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Powering promise programme

Since the start of May 2024, Aviloo has been powering Hyundai Motor Deutschland’s promise programme for used EVs. Active at 263 locations in Germany, the scheme covers models from both the carmaker and other brands.

With its three-minute Flash Test, Aviloo provides a battery health score to back this programme. The higher the score the better, while any red flag results highlight specific information on a particular error. The test considers factors like total energy consumption, charging and driving behaviour.

‘Hyundai has proved to be a front runner when it comes to remarketing used EVs,’ Berger told Autovista24. ‘Hyundai has been one of the first to understand that battery fear is a key obstacle in remarketing used EVs. Consumers are just afraid of not knowing transparently and objectively the state of health of a battery.’

‘We are pleased to be able to offer this special service to our customers throughout Germany in the future. Equipped with the Aviloo Flash test, our Hyundai Promise dealers can carry out the quick battery test on vehicles of all ages and almost all brands,’ said Tobias Krumnikl, head of commercial customers and used car strategy at Hyundai Motor Deutschland.

Leasing company Arval is also working with Aviloo to gain insights into the battery health of used EVs. The independent diagnostic procedure is in regular use, including every classic general inspection.

‘With Aviloo as our new partner, we are able to offer interested parties transparency and security about the battery status of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle so that they can make informed purchasing decisions,’ said Christian Schüßler, director of strategic partnerships at Arval Deutschland. ‘We want to improve the marketing of our leased returns or get the vehicles back on the road in further life cycles,’ he added.

Advanced results comparison

Aviloo is now also able to offer comparative results as part of its test procedure. Results only used to cover the tested model, but now users can compare their battery’s health with similar EVs.

This comparison includes both a numerical and graphical representation of data to enhance understanding and application. By providing contextual information on how other batteries perform, users gain greater insight into a battery’s state of health.

New algorithms are the backbone of this system, with a restructured reporting system for both Aviloo’s Premium and Flash tests. Berger also confirmed with Autovista24 that its Flash test has recently been recertified by the Car Remarketing Association Europe (CARA).

In the future, the company looks to advance its technology even further. Berger confirmed that by the end of the year, Aviloo plans to introduce an even more advanced EV battery diagnostic system capable of quicker, more precise and more accurate analysis.

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