Hyundai focuses on green credentials with latest announcements

03 October 2019

Hyundai focuses on green credentials with latest announcements

3 October 2019

Hyundai Motor Group is aiming to concentrate more on reducing air pollution in urban mobility, with two announcements based around the issue.

The carmaker has entered a cooperation with engine manufacturer Cummins to develop and commercialise electric and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. Meanwhile, the group has announced the appointment of Jaiwon Shin as executive vice president and head of its newly established Urban Air Mobility Division. 

Engine development

The deal with Cummins will initially benefit commercial vehicles in North America but could see the new technologies rolled out into other markets around the world. These new powertrains are expected to be developed by combining Hyundai's fuel cell systems with Cummins' electric powertrain, battery and control technologies.

The companies will also explore ways they can work together to develop next-generation fuel cell systems, and have each committed to assign a team of individuals to investigate and pursue other areas of collaboration.

′Collaborations such as this will enable us to further diversify our business, as well as reinforce our global hydrogen leadership through sales of new and existing Hyundai fuel cell systems,' stated Saehoon Kim, vice president and head of Fuel Cell Group at Hyundai Motor Group.

The agreement comes at a time of heightened demand for fuel cell technology. Hyundai states that hydrogen can be produced from renewable sources, stored economically, and deployed for a diverse range of industrial and residential energy-generation applications; as well as used in fuel cell passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Clean air

Meanwhile, the Korean group's efforts to improve levels of air pollution has seen it establish a new group focused on urban traffic.

Urban Air Mobility is expected to become a critically important part of the integrated mobility solution for ever-increasing traffic problems in megacities around the world. Through the new division, Hyundai Motor Group aims to provide innovative and smart mobility solutions never seen or thought of before.

′Having worked on cutting-edge aviation research and development at NASA for 30 years, I am very excited and humbled by the opportunity to now shape urban air mobility strategy at Hyundai Motor Group,' Jaiwon Shin said about his new role. ′The new team at Hyundai will develop core technologies that will establish the company as a driving force in urban air mobility, a sector that is expected to grow into a market worth $1.5 trillion (€1.4 trillion) within the next 20 years.'