IONITY announces new partners and charging station design

12 September 2019

IONITY announces new partners and charging station design

12 September 2019

Kia and Hyundai have announced their investment in IONITY, the fast-charging joint venture established by global carmakers.

Under the agreement, Kia and Hyundai will play a key role in further enhancing the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), with additional convenience benefits for its customers.

Starting in 2021, Kia and Hyundai EVs will be equipped with 800 volt charging systems to accommodate IONITY's maximum charging power of 350 kilowatts. Customers will be able to use IONITY's high-performance computing facilities, which are equipped with digital payment options, to significantly reduce charging times and better facilitate long-distance travel.

Group plans

IONITY is a joint venture established in 2017 between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, and Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG. Since its formation, 140 charging stations in Europe have been built with 50 more under construction. The technology of IONITY has a charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts, and its use of the Combined Charging System ensures the widest possible compatibility across EVs.

′IONITY is pleased to welcome the new Shareholder on board. Hyundai Motor Group brings significant international experience and know-how with a full strategic commitment to e-mobility,' says CEO Michael Hajesch. ′The participation of new investors in IONITY is a clear signal of trust, indicating that the work of our young company is already bearing fruit.'

IONITY is expanding its network to 400 fast-charging stations by 2020, with at least one site every 120 kilometres along major European highways. Its European distribution and brand-agnostic approach will significantly improve the image and accessibility of electric vehicles for both current EV users and prospective buyers.

New charger

Meanwhile, the venture has presented its new High-Power charger (HPC) at the IAA Frankfurt.

The chargers are instantly recognisable thanks to their lighting concept and deliver a significantly improved user experience compared to what is currently available in Europe, the group says in a statement.

The innovative styling is the result of intensive user research carried out by Designworks and is intended to make the charging experience more comfortable, more secure and less hassle.

The new IONITY High-Power charger features an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen. Information is presented to the customer in a structured menu, which is easy to understand with commonality across all European markets. The IONITY HPCs that have already been installed across Europe will be updated accordingly to be able to incorporate the same menu. Customers can select from up to ten languages across Europe.

′We are confident our new IONITY High-Power chargers will make a significant contribution to e-mobility in general and the European IONITY HPC network in particular,' comments Hajesch.

′Forward-looking product design with innovative lighting solutions, user-friendly cable management, advanced digital user interface and class-leading architecture will make EV charging more convenient and safer for customers,' he adds.