SsangYong partners with EO Charging after launching new EV

20 January 2022

SsangYong Motors has teamed up with EO Charging in the UK, offering consumers discounted rates on home infrastructure. The carmaker recently launched a new battery-electric vehicle (BEV), the Korando e-Motion, hoping to cash in on the growing market for electrically-chargeable vehicles (EVs).

This comes after SsangYong signed a takeover deal with a consortium led by Edison Motors, which agreed to buy the debt-ridden company for around €224.8 million. Edison is hoping to turn the manufacturer into an electric brand.

The South Korean manufacturer plans to offer buyers of its new EV a discount on 7kW smart charger units and installations. SsangYong dealers will offer Korando e-Motion owners ‘preferential prices.’ Taking into account the UK government’s £350 (€419) OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), the EO Mini Pro 7kW home-charge point will cost from £595, compared to the recommended retail price of £945.

Smart functionalities

The EO Mini Pro 2 comes with smart functions, including energy usage monitoring and charge scheduling via the ‘EO Smart Home’ app. Small in size, the charger has a seven-year warranty that is exclusively available to SsangYong customers. The unit can also manage electrical load and has a locking feature to stop non-authorised parties from using the charger.

EO calls itself one of the leading EV charging providers in the UK. It does not only serve homeowners, but large businesses and fleet operators including Amazon, Tesco, and DHL. Launched in 2014, the startup has sold more than 50,000 chargers worldwide.

‘Across the country, drivers are realising the financial and environmental benefits of moving to an electric car,’ said Charlie Jardine, founder and CEO of EO Charging. ‘However, for many, powering that EV can feel complicated. We are delighted to be working with SsangYong to offer our smart, compact EO Mini Pro 2 chargers at point-of-sale for the Korando e-Motion, and in turn, help simplify charging for new EV owners.’

Home-charging in the UK

Home-charging has become more than a topical issue. At the end of last year, the UK government announced that new homes and buildings in England would be required by law to install charging points from 2022. It is part of a move that will see up to 145,000 charging points installed across the country each year. The UK aims to switch to EVs by 2030 – ahead of the EU, which has proposed a ban on new petrol and diesel cars sales from 2035.

Energy companies, including the likes of British Gas, have been quick to introduce tariffs tailored to EV owners. This allows drivers to benefit from cheaper tariffs during the night, given the lower demand on the national grid. Carmakers are increasingly working with both energy companies and charging providers to help optimise the infrastructure, especially in non-public spaces.


SsangYong rolled out the Korando e-Motion in the UK this month, with the SUV offering a 210 mile (337km) range. It is the first fully-electric crossover utility vehicle produced by the carmaker, promising a range of in-car technologies and new safety features. The South Korean brand will continue to invest in electrification, planning to offer three more EVs by 2025.

‘With the arrival of our new pure-electric Korando e-Motion, it is important that our customers have access to quality charging solutions at home to ensure they are able to charge frequently, quickly and economically,’ said Kevin Griffin, managing director at SsangYong Motors UK. ‘With EO, we believe we have an attractive proposition to complement Korando e-Motion and SsangYong’s future range of electric vehicles that are in the pipeline.’

SsangYong also recently signed a deal with RAC to provide roadside assistance services, covering consumer and fleet customers driving in the UK and 48 countries in mainland Europe.