Launch Forecast: Kia XCeed

07 November 2019

7 November 2019 Autovista Group benchmarks the Kia XCeed against its key competitors in Germany, Spain and the UK, presenting both forecast residual values and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. The forecast residual values and SWOT comments, prepared by the respective Autovista Group country editors, reveal that the XCeed is competitive in terms of value retention after 36 months and 60,000km compared to its closest rivals in Germany, Spain and the UK. The XCeed is not, however, forecast to have class-leading residual values in any of the three markets. Click here or on the image below to view the residual value forecasts and SWOT analysis for the XCeed and its key competitors in Germany, Spain and the UK. Kia XCeed Launch Forecast