Launch Report: Dacia Sandero – unbeatable price-equipment ratio

26 February 2021

The new Dacia Sandero has a totally refreshed, sportier design, featuring slimmer, distinctive Y-shaped front and rear lights and a wider front grille. The model is also better to drive than its predecessor as it uses the platform and engines of the new Renault Clio as a base. The interior comes with improved material quality and easy-to-use technological features.

A wide range of models is available, increasing sales opportunities. These include a bi-fuel engine option, which switches seamlessly between the two fuels and improves performance. Filling both tanks increases the driving range by more than 60% compared to petrol models and reduces fuel costs and emissions. Aside from the standard hatchback, the Stepway variant, featuring a slightly higher ground clearance and typical SUV features, is highly popular with private buyers.

Highly competitive list prices are coupled with essential features to give an unbeatable price-equipment ratio. The Sandero will appeal to countless pragmatic new-car buyers who just want something to get them from A to B with no frills. Therefore, the model has a very beneficial sales mix, with a large share of private users and a low share of fleet and tactical buyers. This, coupled with low discounts, explains the model’s strong residual values.

Click here or on the image below to read Autovista Group’s benchmarking of the Dacia Sandero in France, Spain and the UK. The interactive launch report presents new prices, forecast residual values and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.