Market Report: The Autonomous Car

23 February 2017

Manufacturers do not want to be seen to be left behind in the race to develop an autonomous car:  being first to market with a new innovation is generally perceived to confer technological leadership and a competitive advantage – with a resulting boost in sales.

However, while much of the focus has been on getting the technology right, the automotive industry should not overlook other issues that have the potential to delay the release and adoption of autonomous cars:  the implications for liability and the insurance industry; the regulatory framework; the impact on the sales process; and, of course, consumer confidence in technology.

This report covers the various stages of autonomous development and examines the issues in detail, including what autonomy means for residual values and total cost of ownership.  It also includes insights on:

  • The impact of autonomous cars on the used car market
  • Regulatory challenges
  • The pace of autonomous development
  • Consumer attitudes
  • Key strategies being adopted by industry players

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