Market Report: The Intelligent Car

23 February 2017

The future starts now.  Connectivity spans a myriad of new technologies, from improvements to journey experience and entertainment-led innovation, to the evolution of driver-assistance and tracking technologies needed to facilitate autonomous driving.  Premium and volume vehicle manufacturers recognise that understanding these new technological developments is crucial to future business success.

In this cutting-edge report, we examine new technologies and consumer attitudes, taking an in-depth look at a range of business models, pioneers and key players and assesses how technological progress is set to impact residual values.  The Intelligent Car offers you the opportunity to position and equip your business to profit from new trends in technology.  The report provides:

  • A roadmap for the launch of connected car services
  • An overview of how connected car strategies support development of the autonomous car
  • Analysis of consumer attitudes and values attached to different connected car features and functionalities
  • Detail on potential business models for a wide range of connected car services
  • Insight into OEM diversification strategies:  in-house innovation, acquisition, partnering and venture financing
  • Comparison of OEM and technology companies’ connected car strategies
  • In-depth case studies providing real world examples of how companies are adapting to change


Develop a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the connected car and what this means for future automotive development.  Understand how dealers view connected technologies and what this means for the sale of new and used connected cars.  Make informed specification and residual value management decisions.

Fleet & Finance

Understand how the launch of connected car services will impact Fleet & Finance.  Establish the impact of key technologies on residual values and what this means for the total cost of ownership of connected vehicles.


Establish the insurance implications of intelligent cars, particularly usage-based insurance and unlocking the value of telematics data.

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