Nvidia and Bosch announce autonomous partnership

16 March 2017

16 March 2017 Nvidia and Bosch have committed to continue building their autonomous vision tech in-house, despite Intel’s purchase of market leader Mobileye. They will collaborate on building an AI-powered self-driving computer for use in mass-market cars. ′We are investing a lot of money in our own video technology and we want to stick with this strategy,’ said Bosch managing board member Dirk Hoheisel. Nvidia introduced its upcoming Xavier processor chip to power self-driving car systems at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it lined up partners including Audi and Mercedes. Its partnership with auto giant Bosch will allow it to get the chip into cars at scale. Founder and CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang said: ′Self-driving cars is a challenge that can finally be solved with recent breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence.’ Bosch CEO Dr Volkmar Denner added: ′Automated driving makes roads safer, and artificial intelligence is the key to making that happen. [″¦] We are making the car smart.’ The companies aim to release their autonomous computer system in 2020.