Options available as PDE approaches in France

05 May 2017

05 May 2017 French companies with at least 100 employees must work out a Plan de Déplacements Entreprise (Company Travel Plan; PDE) by 1 January 2018. The move aims to favour alternatives to one-car-one-person business mobility, encouraging companies to have employees share their fleets. To this end, vehicle-leasing company Arval sees this as an opportunity to optimise fleet usage. The PDE will have four main goals: to improve safety, to increase productivity, to protect the environment, and to improve the corporate image of the companies involved. By law, the plan must produce a global analysis of the mobility associated with each company, with areas such as corporate trips and moving between sites under scrutiny. This could even extend to mobility between customers and suppliers. According to 2016 figures, 75% of trips to and from work in France were taken by car, while 50% of CO2 emissions by companies were due to trips by fleet vehicles. Arval is planning to offer actions that can achieve reductions in these figures. This includes pursuing alternative motorisations, offering eco-driving and road safety classes, promoting car-sharing and car-pooling, and by intelligently combining the different transport modes on offer in city centres, suburbs and rural areas. Meanwhile, another alternative to fleet use has ben launched by car-sharing company BlaBlaCar. It’s new BlaBlaLines is a short-distance carpooling application to optimise commuting, removing the need for company cars being used to travel to and from work. The company is aiming to develop partnerships with communities and companies to promote BlaBlaLines among employees. Among its arguments: the creation of internal links, the better accessibility of establishments or even the decongestion of car parks.

The insight behind the news

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