How COVID-19, electromobility and technology are changing fleets

09 November 2020

9 November 2020 The automotive industry has been dominated by certain significant topics in the last year; from coronavirus to electromobility, and new technologies. But how have developments impacted one of the most important automotive sectors? Daily Brief journalist Tom Geggus discusses the opportunities and challenges facing fleets with Autovista Group’s chief economist Christof Engelskirchen. Catch up with the first three instalments from this series on the Autovista Group website. Find out how COVID-19, electromobility, and technology are changing fleets. Also, check out Tom and Christof’s articles on autonomous vehicles as mentioned in the podcast: The long road to autonomy, and Facing autonomous disillusionment. You can also listen and subscribe to receive podcasts direct to your mobile device, or browse through previous episodes, on AppleSpotifyGoogle Podcasts and search for Autovista Group Podcast on Amazon Music.