Quadis launches Webycar online used car sales platform in Spain

12 October 2017

12 October 2017

The Catalan dealer group Quadis has launched Webycar, a new online platform for used cars, in Spain. Quadis is the leading distributor in Spain, with a hundred physical points of sale. It sold almost 34,000 cars, both new and used, by traditional methods last year. With this initiative, the company wants to boost the digitalisation of the used car sector and provide users with the option of selling and buying cars on their mobile phone or tablet.

The start-up was funded with an investment of €4 million, and since the launch of Webycar two months ago, about 100 cars have already been sold and delivered either to customers across the country or dealers. Based on the healthy reception the service has received, Josep Guasch, CEO of Webycar forecasts a turnover of €3.5 million in the first six months of operation. Guasch adds that: ′with this business we revolutionise the buying and selling of used cars. We digitised the process and improved the customer experience, all with the added safety of working under the seal of Quadis, a company with more than 77 years of history in the automotive market.’

Webycar professionals first offer a price online for the customer’s car. They then check the vehicle at the seller’s house and after verifying its condition, which includes more than 170 checkpoints, they buy it on the spot. Along with the purchase of the car, allied services such as finance offers, electronic document signature and a technical overview of the car, are also provided.

With respect to the control process, Guasch assures that ′the Webycar review process is one of the most demanding on the market, which assures the customer that the vehicle they are acquiring is in perfect condition.’ He also points out that ′we take care of everything. We take photos of the car, upload them to the portal, negotiate with customers and manage collection on behalf of the seller. In addition, with Webycar there are no unnecessary costs, as happens with other traders, and our optimal sales structure helps us to give the best prices on the market. With a single click you can sell your car.’

Once the customer has purchased the vehicle online, Webycar delivers it directly to their home or picks them up from their workplace. Guasch stresses that ′to avoid the fear of buying a car without touching it, if you are not satisfied, Webycar will buy it back for the same price as you paid, provided that it has not been longer than 10 days and that the vehicle has not travelled more than 1,000 km.’