Renault and ADA launch app for Paris car-share scheme

01 October 2018

1 October 2018

Renault and ADA are launching a new application to provide access to their free-floating car-share scheme that is due to launch in Paris.

Renault’s Moov’in Paris service will use the manufacturer’s electric vehicle (EV) range on the streets of the French capital in the XIth and XIIth districts of the French capital, as well as in Clichy, in the Hauts-de-Seine area. This initial stage will provide an opportunity to test and tweak the service to maximise quality. 

Renault will supply the electric vehicles and carry out maintenance and repairs when the service starts in September this year. ADA will contribute its expertise through a digital app dedicated to very short-term vehicle rental. It will also reposition and charge the electric vehicles. ADA’s customer department will manage the after-sales service as well as billing on behalf of Renault.

The Moov’in.Paris application is now available for download from the Apple Store, and Google Play. The new user can create their account very simply and associate the requested documents (pictures of his identification document, driving licence). They will be able to book a vehicle as soon as they are put into service in October.

One hundred Renault ZOE and 20 Renault Twizy will be put into service throughout the capital, as well as in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine). The number of vehicles put into service will quickly increase to follow the customer demand while guaranteeing optimal service quality.


The reservation process is simple: the customer locates an available vehicle nearby, reserves it via the application and then has 15 minutes to access and connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth. The user checks the reference inventory to verify the condition of the vehicle on the application, modifies it if necessary and provides pictures to indicate new damage, and validates it. They are then free to make their journey.

At the end of the journey, the customer parks the vehicle on the road in an authorised location in Paris or Clichy. They validate the electronic inventory of return to complete the rental. The invoicing is then triggered, at a price of 0.39 euro per minute of rental, with a minimum of 10 minutes. The customer does not have to worry about paying for parking nor charging the vehicle.

Renault supplies the vehicles and carries out maintenance and repair. ADA offers its expertise through its digital application dedicated to very short-term rental. It will also carry out the removal, recharging, cleaning and repositioning of electric vehicles. 

Moov’in.Paris is part of the strategy of the Groupe Renault and ADA to develop new mobility services accessible to all in a single application, both for very short periods (less than four hours) and for short periods (more than four hours). Be ready, download Moov’in.Paris now.