Renault announces partner as it finalises car-sharing plans in Paris

24 July 2018

24 July 2018

French vehicle manufacturer Renault has announced that it is to join forces with vehicle rental firm ADA to implement the carmaker’s car-share scheme in Paris.

Renault’s Moov’in Paris free-floating service will use the manufacturer’s electric vehicle (EV) range, with 100 Zoe and 20 Twizy models taking to the streets of the French capital in the XIth and XIIth districts of Paris, as well as in Clichy, in the Hauts-de-Seine area. This initial stage will provide an opportunity to test and tweak the service in order to maximise quality. 

Renault will supply the electric vehicles and carry out maintenance and repairs when the service starts in September this year. ADA will contribute its expertise through a digital app dedicated to very short-term vehicle rental. It will also reposition and charge the electric vehicles. ADA’s customer department will manage the after-sales service as well as billing on behalf of Renault.

Christophe Plonevez, CEO of the ADA Group, said: ′Mobility issues have never been so important, and cars are still viewed as essential for people living in the Paris region. Taking an innovative approach, ADA has developed an app for self-service connected vehicles. As part of our cooperation with Renault, we have been able to quickly develop a very short-term car-sharing solution operating alongside our medium-term service, for rentals from half a day to one month. Across the Paris region, people will have access to clean cars for everyday journeys or weekend or holiday getaways.’

Philippe Buros, Commercial Director, Renault France, added: ′This agreement reflects the progress made by the Group in the field of new mobility. With the support of ADA, a recognised market player, we are seeking to bring our customers reliable, high-quality services.’

The City of Paris and Renault announced their intention to share their expertise and skills to develop electric mobility for Parisians, Ile-de-France residents and visitors earlier in the year, as part of a shakeup in car-sharing schemes in the capital.

The approach taken in a partnership agreement with a shared vision of future mobility will benefit areas such as health, climate change, accessibility and economic attractiveness in the area while also promoting easier travel.

This will result in short, medium and long-term actions in favour of the development of connected and autonomous electric vehicles.

Groupe PSA is also finalising the launch of a car-sharing service providing mobility to Parisians. The objective is to launch this service operated under the Free2Move brand, by the last quarter of 2018.