Renault offers modular mobility with Morphoz

02 March 2020

Renault has unveiled its latest concept car, the Morphoz. The modular electric vehicle (EV) can be customised to suit the demands of different journeys.

Power, capacity and range can all be altered thanks to the CMF-EV electric platform. The EV’s boot space and user options can also be configured to suit each journey.

Extendable EV

With an extendable wheelbase, the Morphoz can be fitted with additional batteries for longer journeys. In city mode, the EV is 4.4-metres long with a 40kWh battery  providing an approximate range of 400 kilometres. In travel mode, the front of the car extends, adding an additional 0.4-meters in length and room for a 50kWh battery pack. This extension takes the Morphoz’s range up to 700 kilometres.

The extension will take place at a pre-determined battery station, where the underside of the EV opens up and the pack is inserted within a few seconds. This process can be seen in Renault’s release video.

Intelligent interior

The steering wheel features a 10.2-inch display, which shows the main driving and safety information. Behind this, a retractable wide ′livingscreen’ panel contains both driving and multimedia information, which can be folded out on the driver’s command.

The futuristic interior features swivelling passenger seats for greater social interaction. In travel mode, the rear seats automatically move back to make use of the extra room.

Getting into the vehicle is an advanced affair too. As the driver approaches the Morphoz, it runs a light sequence to show they have been detected and recognised by the vehicle’s sensors. After this, all the driver needs to do is wave to unlock and open the car.

Autonomous driving

The EV will feature level 3 autonomy. The driver will be able to let go of the steering wheel, allowing the vehicle take over in defined situations and on authorised roads.

The vehicle can measure the distance from the vehicle in front, staying in lane even on bends and moving in traffic jams. Renault’s release reveals, ′with level three autonomous driving the driver is free to move their eyes and hands once delegation has been made. They can use the car’s multimedia system to dictate emails, text messages or play multimedia content, for example’.


The Morphoz heralds the arrival of a new family of electric models that will arrive from 2021. More broadly, it sets the standard for Renault’s vision of sharable electric mobility beyond 2025. The design, details and interior styling can all be expected to crop up again in the French car manufacturer’s future EVs.

′Bold in its modularity, innovative in its design, human-centric through its ability to facilitate sharing and exchange, the Morphoz concept perfectly embodies the new Livingtech philosophy of Renault’s Design,’ said Laurens van den Acker, EVP of corporate design at Groupe Renault.

′Technology in all its forms – design, on-board intelligence, connectivity, interior layout – serves a new travel experience for all vehicle users. From the everyday to the weekend and holiday experience, the Morphoz concept is a truly living experience.’