Sixt Leasing aims to make online sales core business area

17 March 2017

17 March 2017

Sixt Leasing has announced its intention to greatly expand online new car sales. It wants to make its online platform ′the largest business segment of the group,’ according to board chairman Rudolf Rizzolli, speaking last Tuesday. 

Sixt is also offering a lease and mobile contract package in cooperation with mobile and internet provider 1&1, which could be a common model in the future of connected cars, which require substantial internet connectivity to connect with the cloud and with each other, and to provide entertainment services to those using the car. 

Rizzolli also intends to renew his fight against the traditional car trade. He says the €100 billion German new car sales trade is ′the last large market in Germany which has not yet been digitised.’ So far, the business is done almost exclusively through local trading, with Sixt hoping to change that. 

Rizzolli added: ′Our customers do not want to buy cars, they want mobility – which is best online.’