Survey for 13 Sept

11 September 2019

Where should car shows concentrate their efforts in the future?

13 September 2019

The IAA Frankfurt has begun, and Germany's automotive body has stated that the event will focus on sustainable motoring, partially in order to avoid protests by climate change groups.

However, the event has seen the exhibition space downsized as carmakers pull out, a trend that has been seen at shows around the world. With this in mind, what should car shows be concentrating on in order to attract carmakers and consumers back to their halls.

So what should shows be concentrating on in order to attract exhibitors back, and indeed consumers? That is what we want to find out in the latest Autovista Group poll. Should the traditional static stands continue, or perhaps test drives and a more customer focused approach is best? Is highlighting sustainability the key ingredient or perhaps the future of mobility is a good point to show visitors what the industry is becoming?