Survey: Should manufacturers be concentrating on concept cars?

05 October 2018

05 October 2018

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The Paris motor show is in full swing, and although manufacturers making up around 40% of the European market are missing, those that are there have turned up ready to give both the press and the general public a vision of the future.

For some, this vision extends into fantasy, while others bring their thoughts in a more down to earth design through concept cars. Some manufacturers instead rely on new technologies in current products to highlight what is to come.

With carmakers under pressure to develop electric vehicles, through stricter emission controls and the collapse of the diesel market, and autonomous technology to keep up with competition, Autovista Group wants your thoughts on the trend of concept cars. Once an attention grabber, some companies, such as Peugeot and Honda, have developed retro designs with future technologies that could go on sale in the next couple of years.

Meanwhile, others such as Renault and Daimler, are building concepts that highlight to the public what could be possible in the future with autonomous and electric technologies. Renault’s EZ range (Pro, Ultimo and Go) show mass transport vehicles with no driving position, while Mercedes-Benz had its Vision One supercar on its Paris stand, showing off the possibilities of its EQ technology.

Therefore, in our latest survey, we want to know your thoughts on concept vehicles. Are they a good idea, and why? Alternatively, should car companies instead be focusing on their existing models and spend money on development?