Survey: What would be the best way for manufacturers to meet stricter CO2 targets?

29 March 2019

29 March 2019

It was recently reported that the European Commission has closed a loophole in the WLTP regulations, which allowed carmakers to record higher levels of CO2 than their vehicles were emitting.

In a reversal of the Dieselgate scandal, the move meant that CO2 targets for 2025 and 2030 would be based on higher numbers, therefore making them more easily achievable.

This extreme measure highlights the pressure carmakers are under to avoid hefty penalties for missing these targets. By 2021, the European rules state that fleets must emit less than 95g/km of CO2. Daimler recently highlighted that with WLTP figures taken into account, its CO2 levels rose last year by 7%, to 135g/km.

Therefore, Autovista Group is asking readers of the Daily News Brief what manufacturers should concentrate on to meet strict CO2 targets. Should new technology take priority, or perhaps refining current engines to emit less pollution would be the best course of action? Or could the development of car-share schemes, reducing the number of vehicles on the road, make more sense?

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