Survey: In which area should manufacturers look to collaborate?

22 March 2019

22 March 2019

One theme that has run strong so far in 2019 is collaboration. We have seen Ford and VW partner on commercial vehicles, with the possibility of working together on autonomous and electrified models as well. Daimler and BMW announced details of their merged mobility services and planned to partner on driverless developments, while Toyota and Suzuki are to share electric powertrains and basic platforms for new markets.

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Partnerships decrease costs, and at present, the automotive industry is being hit from all areas, with the need to develop technology to meet regulations as sales of other technologies drop. The industry is being reactive, rather than proactive, for the first time in decades, and carmakers are suffering. Profits are down, costs are up and therefore collaborating with others is a logical step.

Autovista Group wants your opinion on which area manufacturers should look to collaborate in the most. Could working together on electrified vehicles be essential, or are mobility services a critical expenditure? Is autonomous development an area that can benefit from shared technology or is the joint development of models for different markets going to boost profits?