Survey: Which infrastructure change would boost EV uptake?

19 July 2019

19 July 2019

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The UK has recently announced plans for every new home in the country to be built with a charging point for an electric vehicle (EV), while also improving funding for lamppost charging, smart charging and wireless charging stations.

Other countries too are implementing schemes to fund these technologies, with the hope that new developments in charging infrastructure will boost the uptake of EVs. Autovista Group wants to know which is the most important of these developments, and which will help the most towards an increase in European EV sales.

Will smart charging, which allows users to control times their vehicle is on charge, improve sales, or will wireless charging increase interest in electrification? Would the benefit of guaranteeing a charging point on your driveway be beneficial, or will continued acquisitions of charging infrastructure companies, such as BP’s purchase of Chargemaster, improve the number of locations in countries around Europe?