Survey: Which technology company will lead the race to autonomous driving?

10 August 2018

10 August 2018

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The race towards autonomous driving is seeing a number of technology companies get involved. No longer is the automotive landscape purely for traditional car manufacturers.

Instead, a number of technology companies are getting involved in developing autonomous technology. Some are working with manufacturers while others are building their own vehicles. But which company will win the race towards autonomous development.

Google and Apple have money to throw towards such products as they look to engage with consumers on another platform, away from phones and tablets. However, computer chip company Intel is working in partnership with BMW and has invested in sensor company Mobileye, and Bosch is using its automotive software division to build autonomous technology.

Autovista Group wants to know which company will be a leader in this field. Will Bosch, with its years of automotive experience, come out on top? Or will a new player with lots of money to invest win the race to autonomous driving?