Switzerland plans 15% EV share by 2022

19 December 2018

19 December 2018

Switzerland’s Government and representatives of various industries have agreed to work towards a 15% share of electric vehicles (EVs) to be on the country’s roads by 2022.

The country has launched its ′Roadmap for Electric Mobility 2022‘, which includes measures for advancing infrastructure or information campaigns to improve awareness of EV technology. In a sign of how popular the plans are, the country has achieved support from decision-makers on both the federal as well as the municipal level.

The politicians, together with representatives of affiliated industries such as automotive, energy, real estate and fleet associations, have all rallied behind the goal to increase the proportion of new passenger registrations to 15% by 2022. The Roadmap for Electric Mobility 2022 contains concrete measures in three priority fields of action, which are to be promoted jointly from January 2019.

The Electric Mobility Roadmap 2022 contains concrete measures in three priority fields of action: successful market development of vehicles, optimal charging infrastructure and incentives and general conditions, These fields of action should be promoted collectively. The measures include, for example, the creation of charging facilities in buildings, the development of a national fast-charging network for electric vehicles, the targeted training and qualification of skilled personnel, regulatory adjustments or the rapid market development of vehicles (see a link to the action plan). Additional coordination measures and the implementation of joint activities are intended to exploit synergies and thereby increase their impact. The roadmap reflects a dynamic process: it reflects the current status of the work and can be supplemented with additional measures later on.

The e-mobility roadmap is open to other organisations and companies that also want to contribute to achieving the goals. They are invited to formulate and publish their measures. 

Switzerland’s Green party called for a ban on diesel vehicles in August of last year, suggesting the country could follow Norway in planning for a ban on the technology by 2025.

Regula Rytz, President of Switzerland’s Green Party, was quoted in an article on Swiss news site 20 Minuten as saying: ′From then on, no new cars with internal combustion engines will be imported in Switzerland. Emissions-free mobility will turn the European automotive industry upside down. In this process, Switzerland should take a pioneering role and not lag behind the other European countries.’