Update: City of London’s EV push

23 August 2018

23 August 2018

The City of London Corporation is becoming increasingly concerned with the Square Mile’s carbon-footprint.

The capital’s lampposts are proving to be a revolutionary charging solution. Previously we reported how Siemens would be delivering 1,150 charging points across the city. This is part of the Go-ultra Low City Scheme which has now brought manufacturers Char.gy, Joju and Swarco onboard.

Char.gy in particular is making waves, the company utilises a Type 2 cable that can be activated via smartphone. The pay-as-you-go sits on a street lamp and has a 7.7kw output for charging.

Richard Stobart, CEO of Char.gy said: ′Our easy-to-install charging units provide a cost-effective EV charging infrastructure for councils using 700,000 lampposts across the capital.’

Ben Plowden, TfL’s Director of Strategy and Network Development added that the framework will make it easier for boroughs to improve Londoners’ access to electric charging points and that this in turn will make London’s transport greener and improve its air quality.

′These boroughs are at the forefront of electrifying London, and it is by working together that we can clean up the capital’s toxic air’ he said.

The UK’s Road to Zero strategy, published earlier this year, called for an increase in the number of charging posts available in the country, and also made a note to call for conversion of lamp posts to ensure as many drivers as possible had access to EV charging on the street.

New measures include an emissions based parking fee, meaning vehicles that produce less CO2 (such as EVs) can pay up to £2.80 less an hour than more traditional vehicles.

Chris Hayward, Planning and Transportation Committee Chairman at the City of London Corporation, said: ′The Square Mile is one of London’s busiest areas. Therefore, it is only right that the City of London Corporation continues to prioritise providing a safe and healthy environment for its workers, visitors and residents.’

This time last year (August 2017) the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced that London would aim to double the number of EV charging points by the end of 2018.

′This substantial investment in electric charging points will make a real difference, making electric vehicles an easier and more practical option for Londoners across our city,’ said Khan.

′We have a bold ambition to make London’s transport system zero emission by 2050, and working with boroughs to roll out more charging infrastructure is a vital part of making this a reality.’