Webinar: How automotive megatrends affect used-car markets

17 May 2021

The automotive industry is in the midst of a major transformational period. New technologies are generating opportunities in vehicle development, mobility services and sales channels.

Autovista Group identifies five megatrends in its latest webinar: How automotive megatrends affect used-car markets. These are:

  • Autonomous technology
  • Connected technologies
  • Digitisation of sales
  • Electrification
  • Shared mobility

Autovista Group Daily Brief editor Phil Curry is joined by chief economist Christof Engelskirchen and Sonja Nehls, director of Car to Market and Consulting, to discuss the most prominent trends. You can watch the full presentation below.

The webinar also included a look at the opportunities and threats to the used-car market and how activities such as functions-on-demand (FoD) may impact residual values (RVs) as the technology becomes more widely adopted in the industry.

To download the presentation from this webinar, click here.