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Get top tips on using Residual Value Monitor to reliably benchmark against core rivals, improve your competitive position – and sell more cars more profitably.

Use the most up-to-date residual value data across Europe

Sudden changes in the market can quickly throw you off track. Our advice is to regularly review your residual value strategies and always work with the latest data.

That’s why our data methodologies are strict – to ensure you have the most accurate Residual Value Monitor data possible.

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Zoom out and spot residual calue market macro-trends

Identify and compare macro- trends across entire markets, brands, segments, fuel types and more using aggregated data from Residual Value Intelligence. 

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Get the most out of Residual Value Monitor

Get the most out of Residual Value Monitor

Residual Value Monitor is designed by experts to offer easy access to a full range of residual value data analysis capabilities. Maximise the full potential to:  

  • Monitor, analyse and benchmark competitors’ performance against your own
  • Anticipate residual value curveballs to manage risks and protect your margins
  • Understand the cause and effect of residual value changes across Europe
  • Improve your competitive residual value position to sell or lease vehicles more profitably

How to use Residual Value Monitor as a Manufacturer

As a manufacturer, staying on top of residual value developments is critical to your financial stability – even on the new car market. Use Residual Value Monitor’s full list of features to:

  • Determine the long-term effect of pricing on the new-car market
  • Avoid discounting cars to leasing companies by improving residual values
  • Boost brand reputation by creating models that remain attractive for longer
  • Inform internal positioning strategies that are key to company-wide success
  • Sell more cars more profitably


How to use Residual Value Monitor as a Fleet & Leasing company

A higher residual value means lower risks and ownership costs – so you can offer more competitive lease prices without eating into profits. Use your full Residual Value Monitor toolkit to:

  • Help determine around 85% of leasing rates
  • Identify vehicles with the highest residual values and lowest cost of ownership
  • Gain competitive price-point advantages against market rivals
  • Establish a trusted reputation amongst customers
  • Remarket vehicles at the best time for the highest profit margins

How do I get started with Residual Value Monitor?


We’ve designed Residual Value Monitor to help you navigate detailed residual value and vehicle data with ease. To get started, open Residual Value Monitor online from anywhere and:

  1. Select the models you want to analyse
  2. View those models ranked by performance
  3. Benchmark your model of fleet’s performance against your competitors
  4. Uncover key variations over the time period you’re interested in
  5. Identify the cause of residual value uplifts based on facelift, launch effects and many other factors


Residual Value Monitor allows you to gain insight into different usage scenarios by tracking:

  • Actual and forecast data
  • Trends over time with history going back four years
  • Trade and retail values
  • Different age-distance scenarios
  • The impact of new vehicle launches and facelifts

Residual Value Monitor allows you to select up to 150 different versions in the same dashboard.

Residual Value Monitor currently operates across:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

To discuss expanding your subscription to include new markets, get in touch with one of our friendly experts.

There are several reasons you may want to do this, including to:

  • Address under performance and build on positions of strength
  • Evaluate the impact of specification on used car values
  • Identify opportunities and educate sales teams on model differentiators
  • Analyse and adapt product strategy to remain attractive to fleet customers and consumers
  • Design pricing policies and incentives.

Residual Value Monitor’s sister product, Residual Value Intelligence Intelligence, provides a macro-scale view of entire markets. There, you gain access to market-weighted data on brands, segments, fuel types and more to ensure your view of residual value influencers is accurate and proportionate. 

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Residual Value Monitor is just one of a suite of products, data feeds and APIs from Autovista that help at every stage of the automotive value chain.

Car Cost Expert lets you calculate and simulate the total cost of ownership for more than 300 age/mileage scenarios across 12 European markets. You can do this for one vehicle or an entire fleet.

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Residual Value Monitor is just one of a suite of products, data feeds and APIs from Autovista that help at every stage of the automotive value chain.

EV Volumes offers market-leading EV data to help you understand how the market is unfolding. That includes tracking, forecasting, battery, charging infrastructure, specification and future-model data.

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We update Residual Value Monitor’s data monthly. We offer an independent analysis that you can trust to provide accurate results.

Automotive professionals trust our data due to three main factors:

  1. We feed expert-reviewed data into our systems daily, to ensure you are always in line with the current market.
  2. Our market specialists combine their local expertise with state-of-the-art machine learning, then benchmark against market observations to ensure maximum accuracy.
  3. Our databases are built from original manufacturing sources covering 99% of vehicles, so we can provide all the relevant technical information for up to 20 years historically.


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