A sustainable automotive industry? Cars, climate change and COP26

17 November 2021

COP26 drew the world’s attention as governments, environmental groups and industry gurus decided the best way to tackle climate change. On 13 November, an agreement was finally reached, with a last-minute change in wording to phase down, rather than phase out the use of unabated coal. But what does this, and other COP26 arrangements mean for the automotive industry and its sustainability efforts?

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Show notes

UN: Era free of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles comes into focus at COP26

CLEPA: Joint Responsible Supply Chain Initiative launched

Polestar: Polestar to car industry at COP26: too little, too slowly

Greenpeace: Major global economies and car manufacturers fail to sign even the weakest of agreements on electric vehicles at COP26

T&E: Electric-vehicle boom set to stall as ‘lost decade’ looms

Electric vehicles are going vegan

Volvo sends clear climate-action signal by setting internal carbon prices

Batteries and hydrogen: the new ‘two-fuel’ future?

New F1 synthetic fuel has real-world ambitionsToyota: Toyota part of partnership to develop hydrogen engines