The Autovista Group Residual Value Awards 2023

07 June 2023

Beginning 19 June, Autovista24 will announce the winners of the inaugural Autovista Group Residual Value Awards. As the result of in-depth Autovista Group research and analysis, the pan-European awards will celebrate the models with the greatest residual values (RVs).

In the run up to the exclusive announcements, Autovista Group’s Christian Schneider discussed the exciting awards with Autovista24 editor, Tom Geggus, in a new podcast episode.

As the project’s lead, Schneider explained how Autovista Group experts collated and calculated data from 17 European markets to identify the models with the greatest value retention. This data-defined approach makes the awards even more important for key automotive players such as carmakers and leasing companies.

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The 2023 Autovista Group Residual Value Award winners

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Show synopsis

The Autovista Group Residual Value Awards 2023 will be unveiled from 19 June until 29 June. Eight separate awards will be announced exclusively on Autovista24, with the categories based on segment groupings, body types and powertrain options.

The awards will celebrate each of the eight winners and their runners-up, featuring unique insights from across Autovista Group. But how were the winners calculated?

Award methodology

Rather than rely on a panel of judges, the awards tap into the vast amount of data available to Autovista Group. By collating, calculating and analysing this information, the company’s experts were able to reveal this year’s winning models. Used-car market data from February to April 2023 was utilised with forecast trade residual values of 36-month-old cars at 60,000km.

Schneider worked alongside Autovista Group analysts and editors to examine data from 17 different European countries. This included Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To be considered, models had to fall between the 20th and 90th percentile of the selected category’s horsepower distribution. This was to prevent the creation of a league table that featured cars with extreme power outputs, thereby distorting the results of the analysis.

Vehicles also needed to occupy the space between an entry-level price point, and those at the opposite end of the affordability spectrum, such as extreme-sports variants. This resulted in a concentration on more mainstream trimlines, avoiding vehicles at either end of the price scale.

Autovista Group analysts then went on to identify the version of each model with the highest residual value, expressed as a percentage of retained list price (%RV). For each available market, models were indexed by dividing their %RV by the average %RV in that category.

The Autovista Group Residual Value Awards were given based on a category’s average index across selected countries. This was then weighted against each market’s new-car sale volumes, so that extraordinary results from high-volume markets were represented in the final figures.

The Autovista Group Residual Value Awards 2023 will run between 19 and 29 June, with eight total categories. Stay up to date with the awards 2023 on, via the daily email and LinkedIn.