CES 2022: Automotive takes mobility to the metaverse and beyond

20 January 2022

Autovista24’s Phil Curry and Tom Geggus present some of the big automotive talking points from CES 2022. Four big trends emerged, mobility in the metaverse, autonomy, personalisation and electrification.

Each year, the Las Vegas show attracts more automotive businesses to its halls and digital arenas. This year saw a return to in-person presentations and exhibitions, although increases in COVID-19 cases meant some decided to take their announcements online instead.

Electrification, vehicle autonomy and connected technology continue to be hot topics, along with increased focus on personalisation and the metaverse , particularly in automotive planning. These four trends featured in numerous company presentation, exhibitor stands and discussions.

In the latest Autovista24 video, Phil and Tom bring you a detailed look at some of the big announcements across these four categories. Companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis and General Motors (GM) unveiled fascinating ideas as they discussed their electric futures. Some of which could even push the electrically-chargeable vehicle (EV) market in new and exciting directions.

Driverless technology, proved popular again, with Mobileye, Qualcomm, Volvo, and the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) showcasing the latest advancements in this field. From sensors to motorsport, autonomous systems present a field which existing carmakers and suppliers cannot afford to miss out on. If they do they risk falling behind in a technological rage which is heating up every day.

While the likelihood that autonomous driving will lead to an increase in shared mobility, there were also announcements around the theme of personalisation. BMW led the way with some eye-catching exterior concepts that will allow drivers to express themselves. Turkish startup Togg also unveiled a ‘car that is not a car’ and its plans for the coming years, while Sony too revealed more than just a mobility concept this year.

This virtual landscape may not seem like the most likely setting for the automotive market, but both Hyundai and Valeo presented concepts and technology taking advantage of the growing concept of the metaverse.. For Hyundai, its acquisition of Boston Dynamics in June last year increased its plans for interaction through robotics, with some fascinating ideas that could change mobility as we know it.

The automotive market is evolving faster than ever. It is clear that the industry is on a rapid path from mechanical engineering to technology services, both physical and virtual. CES 2022 gave a glimpse of what the world can expect in both the near and distant future, with many of the concepts securely grounded in reality.

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