Hyundai plans future-mobility experiences via the metaverse

04 June 2022


As part of its expansion in the metaverse, Hyundai has announced plans to provide future-mobility experiences in its virtual Motorstudio with the Zepeto metaverse platform.

The digital world is operated for Hyundai by Naver Z, with the Zepeto platform providing a virtual space where users can interact with each other by participating in various activities, using avatars. This interactivity between users is what sets the metaverse apart from virtual and augmented realities, blending both into a digital world.

Hyundai introduced its first virtual Motorstudio within Downtown (Future) on Zepeto last year and is now adding a second floor of exhibition space with more advanced activities. There is a set of future-mobility experiences, including S-A1 advanced air mobility, S-Link purpose-built mobility, and the S-Hub future-mobility transit centre.

In the first floor’s exhibition hall, which replicates the interior and exterior of Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul, Zepeto users can watch the campaign film for Hyundai’s Ioniq battery-electric vehicle brand, featuring ‘I’m On It’ by Korean pop-group BTS. They can also see posters for the Hyundai x BTS Earth Day campaign ‘For Tomorrow, We Won’t Wait.’ In the second floor’s exhibition hall, visitors can get S-A1 miniatures and try on or purchase Hyundai’s eco-friendly upcycled clothing collection, Re:Style.

Taking customers digital

Hyundai is heavily invested in the future of mobility through the metaverse. The digital world has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, giving users an opportunity to escape to a virtual reality. However, the carmaker has been investing in metaverse development for several years.

In Downtown (Future), Zepto users can experience various future-mobility solutions originally announced by Hyundai at CES 2020. They can tour the S-Hub future-mobility transit centre, ride the S-A1 urban air-mobility vehicle, and experience three concepts of S-Link purpose-built mobility, including a clinic, party room, and food truck. 

In June last year, Hyundai Motor provided the Sonata N-line test-drive experience in the virtual space for the first time in the automotive industry in collaboration with Zepeto. The company has also continued to communicate with millennials and the Gen-Z generation by providing virtually-interactive content such as the ‘Hyundai Mobility Adventure,’ showcasing the future-mobility lifestyle within the metaverse platform, Roblox, since last September.

‘To build strong and long-lasting relationships with young generations, Hyundai Motor is creating virtual experiences where they can become familiar with our brand vision and future-mobility solutions,’ said Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor’s global chief marketing officer and head of the Customer Experience Division. ‘We will continue using virtual reality platforms to communicate our brand vision with new virtual spaces and content. So, please join us in the metaverse.’

The metamobility concept

At CES 2022, Hyundai unveiled the ‘mobility of things’ during its presentation. The carmaker sees the future of mobility taking place in the metaverse. This lets users control a ‘digital twin’ to interact with objects, people or pets in real life from hundreds of miles away, controlling avatars in the metaverse.

The concept also sees cars as ‘smart objects’ that allow users to access the metaverse. Hyundai believes that in the future, thanks to autonomous technology, vehicles can expand to become office spaces, gaming zones or relaxation booths. While travelling, occupants can access the metaverse and immerse themselves in a different reality to benefit their needs.

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