Lancia to revive brand and expand to European markets with line-up of EVs

27 May 2022

lancia brand

Lancia has provided more details of its 10-year strategy, with the Italian carmaker betting on electric vehicles (EVs) to revive the brand and re-enter European markets. The Stellantis-owned manufacturer plalns to produce three new models, starting in 2024.

Electrification is key as Lancia aims to launch only all-electric vehicles from 2026 while from 2028, it wants to commit to solely selling fully-electric vehicles, having phased out internal-combustion engine models. The company said it was now ready for Europe, initially focusing on a select number of countries for its expansion plans.

For years, the Lancia brand has only held appeal in Italy, disappearing from other European markets. With the appointment of five new brand managers for France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the company is hoping to turn its fortunes around.

Renaissance of the Lancia brand

The carmaker is looking to the future with clear ambition, last year presenting its so-called renaissance strategy, with the aim of returning to major European markets. On its way to internationalising the Lancia brand, a network of 100 dealerships will be created in 60 European cities. Half of sales are expected to be made online.

‘Lancia […] is taking a first step to become a credible and respected brand in the premium segment. Our 10-year plan, approved last September, is now taking shape, step by step,’ said Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia brand.

‘We are the Italian elegance brand, and this is our renaissance. Innovation and timeless design have always been our core values and to these we want to add sustainability, customer centricity and responsibility,’ he added.

The launch of the new Lancia Ypsilon, will mark the start of the strategy. It will have a 100% electrified powertrain. The car will be part of the B-segment and have a length of around four metres.

Lancia said a new flagship model would hit the market, a car falling into the largest segment in Europe with a length of 4.6 metres. Delta, the third model to arrive, will enter the scene in 2028, with Lancia describing it as a ‘sculpted and muscular car’ of 4.4 metres in length.

‘Italian elegance’

The three new models will cover 50% of the market and could help improve Stellantis’ performance in the premium and luxury segment. While the carmaker will focus on electric vehicles, it also wants to pay greater attention to sustainability. The new line-up of Lancia cars will be equipped with recycled materials, with half of touchable surfaces made from eco-sustainable sources.

Lancia said that customers can expect ‘Italian elegance’ in its cars, with the next generation of models coming with intuitive on-board technology and a minimalist virtual interface, which will control the sound system, air-conditioning and lighting with a single button.

The automotive company added that its long-term strategy will open a new chapter for the Lancia brand. It selected the five European markets because of the countries’ strong performance in the B-segment. Germany and the Netherlands also stood out for the carmaker because of their key roles regarding online car sales.