Mercedes-Benz launches car-subscription pilot in Berlin

24 October 2021

subscription model

Carmakers are discovering the benefits of providing subscription services to consumers, and Mercedes-Benz has just launched a pilot project in Berlin dedicated to this automotive megatrend.

Focus on electromobility

The subscription package, dubbed the Mercedes-EQ City Abo, is part of the manufacturer’s strategy to move to more sustainable mobility services. It complements the existing subscription model of the EQA, one of Mercedes-Benz’s latest battery-electric vehicles (BEV).

The subscription starts from €799 a month while users will also be charged a one-off entry fee of €400. It includes fully comprehensive insurance cover for the EQA 250. Contracts run for 24 months but can be terminated earlier if users adhere to a three-month notice period. The package also includes mileage of 1,250km.

Consumers get the option to use the Power 7 e-bike by Swapfiets and take advantage of a monthly €100 credit that can be used for charging purposes at more than 200,000 Mercedes me charging points across Europe. The pilot project was rolled out earlier this week and is available in selected locations across Berlin. It also comes with the carmaker’s so-called Eco Coach app, a service that helps drivers adapt to a BEV.

By offering this electromobility-focused subscription model, Mercedes-Benz is targeting customers who might be reluctant to buy a BEV and may want to try it out first before committing to a purchase.

‘This subscription model combines many exciting advantages. It enables an easy entry into electromobility, in which customers can deal with the new vehicle technology and get to know its advantages without any long-term commitment,’ said Jens Kunath, head of sales and marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars Germany. ‘At the same time, the e-bike opens up another way of moving around the city flexibly and locally emission-free, depending on the situation.’

Sustainable mobility

The company said its subscription model marks an important step towards resource-saving, sustainable mobility. The manufacturer emphasised it uses recycled material to produce the EQA and is focused on circular mobility as it strives to reuse as many raw materials as possible.  

‘The Mercedes-EQ City Abo not only offers our customers an attractive extension of the existing EQA subscription, but is also another important step towards flexible, sustainable, urban mobility,’ said Kunath.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only OEM offering subscriptions. Volkswagen (VW) recently launched a new car-subscription service in Germany, where customers can now make use of its ID.3 and ID.4 BEVs. The German carmaker plans to make more than 2,000 nearly-new cars available through this service.

Car subscriptions have been trending for a while with numerous startups entering the market. The new services offered by Mercedes-Benz and VW set themselves apart from other models as they are focused on electromobility. This could be a decisive factor for drivers keen to experience the benefits of electrification as the market continues to head in that direction.