Over three-quarters of UK drivers dismiss ‘unnecessary’ technology

07 November 2021

A Dacia survey of 2,000 UK drivers revealed 78% of participants prefer straightforward technology that makes driving easier and more comfortable. This is in opposition to what the brand calls ‘high-end features,’ which might lend themselves to confusion, distraction, and increased costs.

Digitalisation is opening a new world of technological potential to OEMs. Cars are no longer mere objects of engineering, but a potential wonderland of new-age systems. From advances in autonomous capabilities to infotainment systems and safety features, cars are coming with more features. But is this what consumers want?

Affordable and practical

Dacia’s survey showed that 76% of participants think too much technology in a car can be distracting. Meanwhile, 61% would rather a more affordable vehicle kitted out with the features they actually use, as opposed to a pricier model fitted with extras they make little use of. Of the respondents who claimed their own car came with a long list of features, around a third thought there were too many fitted in the first place. Some 69% believed in-car technology has become too complicated.

Dacia points to data that, on average, drivers only use some 40% of the technology fitted to their vehicle. Younger cohorts appear to make more use of new technology though, with drivers aged between 25 and 34 regularly using the largest number of systems. But even then, it is under half of the overall features fitted to their cars, leaving a lot of capabilities underused. Dacia points to equipment like automatic parking and in-car wifi as having the potential to go unused by many UK drivers.

The survey results revealed that the most popular technologies among respondents are parking sensors, sat-navs and DAB radios. Accordingly, the features found to be most used are the DAB radio, parking sensors and Bluetooth.

Dacia’s DNA

Dacia took the results of the study as confirmation of its approach to technology: less is more. This means drivers get the features they want and use, at a price they are happier to pay. The UK’s new-car registration figures for October reveal Dacia claimed a market share of 1.2% last month, moving 1,318 units in total. This is a 5.3% increase year-on-year.

‘We believe in providing our customers with everything that is essential, all for the best value – it keeps us faithful to our DNA. Features and technology on our cars should be in line with our customers’ demands so they pay for only what they need,’ said Luke Broad, brand director for Dacia UK and Ireland.

‘At Dacia, we get the balance right, offering the most advanced features and technology that are essential for the driver’s comfort and pleasure but maintaining the best value. This survey shows that our vehicles are perfectly aligned with our customers’ expectations, and we still offer a unique proposition that resonates with the times,’ he added.